Community Dining

Dear Currier,

Starting this Thursday, Houses will be having house community dinners from 5:30-7pm to create opportunities for students to get to know one another as well as enjoy some time together as a House.

This means that Currier students will not be able to eat dinner in any houses other than Currier before 7pm on Thursdays.

We realize that dinner on Thursdays for those of you who have commitments across the river or in the square might be a challenge.  If you are unable to make it to Currier and are at the river for the evening, just plan your meal after 7pm.

We hope that as many as possible will be able to arrange your schedules and make it home for dinner, but please come to us if you meet insuperable obstacles to getting fed.

Since we do not face the overcrowding issues of some of the River Houses, Currier will continue to welcome members of any student groups who are meeting, rehearsing etc. in the quad on Thursdays to eat in our dining hall, regardless of their house.  For example Kuumba Singers, who rehearse in the SOCH on Thursdays, as well as any other students are always welcomed to eat dinner on Thursdays in Currier.

Richard and Elizabeth