Welcome Back from the Dean

Dear Currierites,
Welcome to the new year!  As a longtime academic, the eve before classes start for the term always feels a bit like Christmas Eve to me.  I hope you all feel a little of that excitement, as well.
It can be easy at this time of year to become quickly weighed down by thoughts of requirements and worries about the future and what everyone else is doing.  But try, as you begin this period of exploring courses, to tap into your feelings of curiosity – what do you want to know?  There is so much out there to learn – which topics intrigue you the most?  What new knowledge might help you become the person you want to be?  If you’re having trouble finding courses that seem meaningful to you, come see me!
As you select your courses, I hope you’ll also think about living a balanced life this term.  Create a schedule that allows time for sleep, exercise, friendship, and whatever it is that rejuvenates you.  You need to build up your personal reserves so that you can draw upon them when you need them.  And remember that when we are constantly frazzled, overwhelmed, and stretched too thin, we are not giving our best to anything.  (That is another good time to come see me, by the way – when you feel frazzled, overwhelmed, and stretched too thin.)  So give yourself enough time to be your best.
I look forward to connecting with as many of you as possible this week, to talk about the term ahead and to hear about what you did this summer.  As those of you who are returning know, I was on sabbatical in the spring, and I look forward to hearing about what I missed and what has changed in your lives.  And I would love to share with you what I did with my time away from the House.
If you want to say a quick hello, please look for me in the dining hall or swing by my office (on the mezzanine level, across from Patricia’s office).  If you have something more substantive you want to discuss, please email Monique (my assistant) at to set up an appointment, so that we can have the time we need.  I have lots of time set aside for appointments this week, so please do reach out.  My office hours are usually by appointment, as it seems to work best in that people don’t have to sit and wait.  However, this week I will also have drop-in office hours on Friday, from 9 am – noon (with coffee and donuts) for those of you who need a signature or just want to introduce yourselves (which I hope you’ll do!)
Monique will send out an email tomorrow with details about registration and also about cross-registration at other schools – please read it carefully if you are interested in cross-registering.
Sophomores, I look forward to meeting you at the sophomore dinner on Thursday.