11/10-13: Focus Groups on Sexual Assault Prevention

As you may know, we’re addressing an important issue on our campus that concerns sexual assault and how we can stop it. We’re reaching out to each of you to help understand the issues as well as to brainstorm ideas on how to stop assault from happening at all.  This month, members of the President’s Task Force on Sexual Assault Prevention are hosting a series of workshops for students to share thoughts and ideas.  This work is focused on prevention, which complements sessions already held regarding College policy.  Discussions will be kept confidential and comments will remain anonymous.  We very much hope you can make one of the sessions, which will be held  7:30-9pm each night next week.   

Mon      Nov 10th                      Eliot SCR

Tues      Nov 11th                     Cabot Living Room

Wed      Nov 12th                     Leverett Theater

Thurs    Nov 13th                     Straus Common Room