House Life

Tree Talks

Have you ever wanted to share a story? Have you ever wanted to speak your mind?

Tree Talks are coming again this year to Currier House! 

Tree Talks will be a chance for all Currierites (student, tutors and staff) to speak for 3 to 5 minutes during Sunday dinner (6:15 PM) on any topic they choose. Similar to Cabot Share and Lowell Speeches, the topics of these speeches are certainly not limited: feel free to share a story, an argument, a perspective or even slam poetry. You will be matched up with a tutor mentor that will help give you advice as you prepare.

Whether you are a student, tutor or staff, please e-mail to sign up to give a Tree Talk. The first Tree Talk will be Sunday, September 27thAdditionally, if you think a Currierite would give a good Tree Talk, you can nominate them as well. (Note that nominations do not mean the person has to give the speech)currierhouse10