Important Deadline

Fifth Monday!

Just a quick reminder that February 21, 2017 is “Fifth Monday.” Yes it’s a Tuesday this year (Monday was a holiday). Please check your schedule today to be sure you’re enrolled in the courses you think you’re taking!

If you plan to do any of the following, please do so today  – 

  • Add/drop or swap classes (after 2/21, no adding, and drop becomes withdraw)
  • Change grading status to pass/fail or back to letter graded (form in the documents section of my.harvard – drop off at RO by 5pm) 

Please read this email sent earlier in the week from the Registrar’s Office. After today, no classes may be added and any class dropped will be a Withdrawal.

Check Your Schedule Now

Now would be a great time to confirm that your schedule is accurate. Please sign onto my.harvard and view the enrolled courses section of your crimson cart (see image below). From there you can edit, drop, or swap courses. If you don’t see the course in Enrolled Courses then you’re not registered for it. Undergraduates have until Tuesday, February 21, to make changes. Graduate students may add courses until Monday, March 6.

Remember that receiving permission is not the last step when registering for courses. Once you receive permission, you have to submit the course from the crimson cart. Again, if you don’t see the course in Enrolled Courses then you’re not registered for it.

Report technical difficulties  to

Deadlines to Add/Drop

  • The undergraduate student deadline to add or drop a course is Tuesday, February 21 (Fifth Monday deadline is observed a day later due to the University holiday).
  • The graduate student deadline to add a course is Monday, March 6, and the graduate student deadline to drop a course is Tuesday, March 21.

Undergraduate Concentration Credit:

If you want to petition to receive concentration credit for a cross-registered course the deadline to do so is February 21. Please click here for more information.