Alana Ryan

Academic Coordinator


Hi Currier! I’m Alana, the Academic Coordinator for Currier House. I support the Dean administratively, in turn, supporting Currier students with their academic and personal welfare. So, what does this mean? I manage your student records, prepare your paperwork for the Administrative Board, collect forms for the Registrar’s Office, answer academic questions, and send email reminders about various deadlines. In addition to the above, I coordinate the Pre-Medical and Pre-Law application process. I also manage the letter of recommendation dossier service for the House and liaise with various offices at the college.

I live with my partner and our son in Cambridge (close to the Quad), so I may run into you in the neighborhood. I’m a New York City native, and I love Cambridge, crafting and millinery, movies, trivia, and cooking. If you ever want any off campus food recs or a cooking lesson, let me know.

Please stop by my office or email me if you need anything. Looking forward to a great Spring!