Bryan Ranger

Bryan Ranger

Engineering, Thesis Support/Pre-Grad School, BGLTQ, Writing (Science/Technical)

Hi Currier!

Welcome back! I’m really excited to be back in Currier as a tutor this year!

I grew up in Michigan, and went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where I completed a bachelors and masters in biomedical engineering. In college I was involved with pretty much every band possible, worked in a medical imaging research lab, and did several internships related to global health.

I am now a 5th year PhD student in Medical Engineering/Medical Physics through the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program – a joint program between Harvard Medical School and MIT College of Engineering. My graduate research focuses on using medical imaging technologies to guide prosthesis design. On my spare time, I like to run, climb, bike, swim, sail, unashamedly binge-watch Netflix, and travel whenever I get the chance.

My official tutor roles are Thesis Support/Pre-Grad School, BGLTQ, and Writing (Science/Technical). If you ever want to chat about engineering, applied science, or global health (whether for a class, a fellowship you are applying for, or thinking of grad school) definitely come talk to me – I would love to hear more about your interests and how I can help! I’m also happy to chat about any other academic or personal matters as well, so feel free to stop by and say hi in my room in Bingham!