Your Friendly Currier House Fellowships Committee:

  • Kaitlin Howrigan, Currier Fellowships Coordinator and Resident Tutor (howrigan@fas.harvard.edu)
  • Martha Franco, Resident Tutor (mcf714@mail.harvard.edu)
  • David Nee, Resident Tutor (dnee@fas.harvard.edu)
  • Jim Pautz, Resident Tutor (jim.pautz@gmail.com)
  • Tom Roberts, Resident Tutor (tjrobert@post.harvard.edu)
  • Jennifer Blumberg, Non-Resident Tutor (jjblumberg@post.harvard.edu )
  • Nicolas Jofre, Non-Resident Tutor (nicolas@post.harvard.edu)

URAF Drop-in Advising:

  • The URAF has drop-in counseling for Postgraduate, National, and Travel Fellowships most weekdays from 2-4 p.m. at 77 Dunster Street, 2nd Floor.
  • Please check their website for ongoing events and information sessions regarding research and fellowships by visiting http://uraf.harvard.edu/calendar
  • Call or email fellowships@fas.harvard.edu or 617-495-5095

To find out more about fellowships opportunities, visit the following webpages:


This website, run by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, provides a great overview of what fellowships are and how to apply for them. This office exists to help connect you with Research and Fellowship Opportunities! They also provide the opportunity to join their list serve to receive ongoing updates about Fellowships related events, and a comprehensive overview of the myriad of Fellowships opportunities available to Harvard students to fund summer and postgraduate travel and research.
This site is a searchable database that includes all funding opportunities available to Harvard undergraduates.

Summer Funding
This website, run by the Office of Career Services, includes two excellent guides to funding. The first is the “Harvard Supplement to Guide to Grants”, which includes all fellowships that are available to Harvard students (and only to Harvard students). The second in the “Summer Funding Sources” guide, which lists all of the funding opportunities for sophomores and juniors who are planning research or travel in the summer.

Harvard College Funding Sources