Hayley Fenn

Hayley Fenn

Hayley Fenn

Arts and Music – Fellowships – HoCo


Tuchman 501


Hey Currier!

I’m Hayley, a second-year tutor and PhD student in Historical Musicology. I absolutely love Currier and being a tutor, and can’t wait to get to know you all! Here’s a bit about me.


I grew up in Birmingham, UK. It’s famous for curry and a huge intersection called Spaghetti Junction. Since my first taste of creamy korma when I was three years old, I have loved curry – but can’t find anything to match it here in Boston; I’ve always hated Spaghetti Junction and driving here isn’t any better so at least that’s familiar! I love living here in Cambridge. I’ve discovered crew since coming to Harvard, and like to keep fit generally. Running to (and sometimes around) Fresh Pond is a particular favorite. Brattle Theater has rejuvenated my cinema-going habits and I can’t get enough of the coffee at Simon’s. The conductor of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Andris Nelsons, even followed me here because he heard how amazing the city is, and is now the conductor of the incredible Boston Symphony Orchestra!


Before coming to Harvard, I completed Bachelors and Masters degrees at King’s College, London, and I trained as a secondary school teacher. I taught Music and English to pupils aged 11 to 18 for three years. We put on music festivals, went on tours, raised money for charity, and explored the outdoors. And, of course, we prepared for exams, did lots of reading and writing, and made plans for the future. I was applying to Harvard as my oldest students were applying for their undergraduate degrees. They’ve now graduated and I’m still studying! How the tables have turned!


In my graduate work, on the broadest level, I’m interested in the intersection of music and language. I often write about film and opera, and I’m also interested in the ways in which we think, talk, and write about music. For my dissertation, I will be researching the relationship between music and puppetry. I’ve spent this summer running around Germany and Austria in search of amazing puppet shows! I’m now desperately trying to improve my German in preparation for next summer!


As part of the Currier tutor team, I will be continuing as an Arts and Music tutor. Ayesha and I will be scheduling some more coffeehouses and we can’t wait to hear your ideas for new events and activities. I will also be working with Jim on the fellowships committee and I will be taking up a new position as one of the HoCo tutors. Can’t wait for another wonderful year in Currier!


Please don’t hesitate to drop by my room in Tuchman or come over in the d-hall for a chat. Looking forward to meeting you very soon!