Jim Pautz & Tom Roberts

Jim and Tom

Jim: Pre-Career Advising / Fellowships / Business


Hi, Currier!

I’m Jim Pautz (on the left in this photo), and I’m excited for my fifth year in Currier with my partner, Tom. In the house, I lead the pre-career and fellowships committees. As an undergraduate at Harvard, I concentrated in Portuguese and studied abroad in Rio de Janeiro. I was active in the Harvard QSA, worked as an Admissions Office tour guide, and taught English as a foreign language. After graduating, I was a senior admissions officer for the College. I earned my master’s in education policy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education while working, and would be glad to talk with you about careers in education or taking classes at the Ed School.

After working for Harvard, I earned my MBA at Harvard Business School. I now work for an education technology company that helps young adults find fulfilling careers and do great work on the job. My professional life dovetails nicely with my role as pre-career tutor, and I look forward to talking with you about your career interests and thoughts about life after Harvard. I’ve read a lot of applications in my various jobs and volunteer positions, so I can also give you advice on your fellowship, job, and graduate school applications.

Tom and I look forward to meeting you over meals and study breaks. Stop by Daniels 108 anytime! We always have snacks on hand, and we love baking and making ice cream for our study breaks.

Tom: Senior Resident Tutor / Pre-Law Chair / Fellowships


Hello, Currier!  My name is Tom Roberts, and I’m very excited to be continuing as a member of the Currier community in my fifth year as a tutor, along with my partner, Jim Pautz (I’m on the right in our photo).  I’ll be serving as the senior resident tutor and resident pre-law tutor.

Thanks to my father’s career in the U.S. Foreign Service, I grew up living in a total of eight countries before arriving in Cambridge to attend Harvard College, where I was a proud resident of neighboring PfoHo (a great House, if you aren’t lucky enough to live in Currier!).  I concentrated in Economics and spent much of my extracurricular time singing in, and eventually managing, the Harvard Glee Club.  After graduating from the College, I attended Harvard Law School, and I then earned a master’s in higher education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education while doing an internship with Harvard’s Office of the General Counsel.  Since then, I’ve been a practicing attorney working in Boston, first at a large law firm, and more recently as General Counsel for two health care companies, so I feel well-equipped to advise you on possible careers in the law.

Jim and I can’t wait to welcome our new sophomores into the Currier community, and to hang out with any and all Currierites – here’s to another great year in the House!