Lindsay Mitchell


Writing and SASH Tutor

Hello Currier House!

My name is Lindsay, and I’m honored to be joining the Currier community for my third year as a tutor. My official titles are Writing Tutor and Sophomore Advising Coordinator, but you can talk to me any time about writing, books, news, food, or whatever interests you.

A little bit about me: I was born in Cincinnati and grew up in Lawrenceburg, Indiana (known as the “whiskey capital of America” for its Seagram’s distillery). After leaving Lawrenceburg, I earned degrees from the University of Cincinnati, the University of Chicago, and the University of Iowa. I currently teach Expository Writing at Harvard College and fiction writing at the Harvard Extension School. My favorite things include: walking the dog, reading novels and newspapers, eating food that’s bad for me, traveling, playing tennis, and writing fiction. Though I mention tennis, I’m not very talented/good, so if anyone wants to indulge me in a game and give me some pointers, I would be grateful.

I share my dog Daisy with my mom, who lives in Indiana—so when Daisy is visiting Cambridge, you might see her around Currier House. She’s a terrier mix I adopted from the SPCA many, many years ago; she was missing four of her teeth, but it hardly diminished her charm. Though she’s elderly now, she still likes to be petted and generally showered with attention, so please throw her a bone (only metaphorical please—she’s dieting) if you see her passing in the halls.