Pre-Career and Pre-Business

This year’s resident pre-career tutors are Jim and Angela. We come from a variety of backgrounds: education, technology, public service, and more!  Some people automatically think of traditional business jobs (investment banking and consulting) when they think of “pre-career,” but you should know that those are only two career options among many, and we are excited to learn your specific interests as we work with you.

Below is a list of resources to kick-start your search for internships, jobs, and other professional opportunities. In addition to these resources, we host regular times to review your resume and cover letters or talk about our business school experiences. We can also help you prepare for interviews, decide between job offers, and use your network effectively.

Office of Career Services

Familiarize yourself with the Office of Career Services (OCS). Please visit their office and check out the OCS calendars regularly for Case Interview Workshops, Resume Workshops, Career Fairs, Industry Panels, and more:

  • Join OCS mailing lists here . This includes lists for summer opportunities, international experiences, graduate school, and many other career/ internship opportunities

Resume and Cover Letter

First, personalize your resume and cover letter for each position and industry for which you are applying. Then, reach out to OCS, peers, and tutors for reviews. We also review cover letters and resumes during our weekly career table .


To learn more about a particular industry or job, set up informational interviews with alumni and people within your network:

  • Crimson Compass : D irectory of alumni, by profession, who have agreed to give internship and career-related advice to current students

  • LinkedIn : Network for professionals. Create your profile, connect with your classmates/friends/colleagues, and then use these connections to set up informational interviews or search for employment opportunities.


Reach out to OCS, peers, and tutors for mock behavioral or case interviews.

  • General: OCS Interview Guide

  • Case: Please reach out to your pre-business tutors for more information

  • The Vault : Learn more about the company prior to your interview

Job Search: On-Campus Resources

There are many Harvard resources to help you find internships and jobs. They all have websites, and many of the centers also have professional counselors available to speak with you.

Business School

  • HBS 2+2 Program  for college seniors interested in doing an MBA after two (or more) years of work experience

  • GMAT: There are many ways to prepare for the GMAT based on your study habits. Consider the following to choose which is the best method for you:

    • Sign up here to schedule your GMAT test date and download two free cat exams

    • The Official Guide for GMAT Review : Review the questions in this book. Study and learn the common trends between questions to be successful. If needed, there is also is a verbal and quant supplement that you should study from too.

    • Practice Exams: Take as many practice computer-administered exams as possible in addition to the ones on Additional companies where you can download unofficial exams are Veritas, Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan, Princeton and 800score.

    • Prep Courses and Materials: There are many prep courses (e.g. Veritas, Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan, and Princeton). Most appropriate for those students who need outside structure to prepare (and can afford it). If would like to review material from the ground up, review the study guides from these sources too.

Entrepreneurship Competitions, Grants, and Fellowships

There are many competitions, grants, and fellowships available to students. Here are some good ones to look at first:

 Programs Targeting Minorities

Note: Many of these programs have very competitive application processes.

  • The Consortium for Graduate Management Study  provides full-tuition fellowships for minorities interested in pursuing an MBA.

  • MBA Jumpstart  connects minority talent entering business school and top consulting and financial firms.

  • Management Leadership for Tomorrow  (MLT) provides intense training for those interested in MBA programs and positions at top companies.

  • Forte Foundation  is a consortium of major corporations and top business schools interested in increasing the number of women in MBA programs.

  • National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) and National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) provides training and scholarships for minorities interested in pursuing an MBA.

  • Most top business schools have a minority recruitment day and other events which can be extremely informative and helpful; for example, HBS has a  Prospective Students’ Day (PSD)

  • The PhD Project  hosts an impressive conference on how to get into a doctoral program in business; they fly you to the conference for free.

  • Sponsors for Educational Opportunity  provides educational and career programs.

  • The Goldman Sachs Scholarship for Excellence Program  seeks to attract Black, Hispanic and Native American undergraduate students to careers at Goldman Sachs. Recipients in their Sophomore year will receive a $5,000 award, and Juniors $10,000, toward tuition and academic expenses. All scholarship recipients also receive an offer for a paid Goldman Sachs summer internship.