Adam Scheffler

My name is Adam and I’m really excited to be returning to Currier for my fifth year as a resident tutor. I’m an English graduate student immersed in the long dissertating phase-of-things, so am very much depending upon being distracted and getting to know you all.

A brief bio: I’m originally from Berkeley, California. I studied English at Harvard (class of ’06), and then did an MFA in poetry writing at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop  – where I met my partner and co-tutor Lindsay – before Harvard lured me back to study modern poetry. I’ve also published a book of poetry, and am one of Currier’s writing tutors, so if you have questions about creative writing at Harvard, about the arts, or just about writing more generally, please come find me.

Thankfully, though, not all my time is spent with books and Microsoft Word: I usually spend my free time trying new restaurants with Lindsay, going on long runs around Cambridge, watching scary movies and assorted HBO and AMC shows (all the nerdy ones), and collecting bizarre factoids about animals (did you know octopi have three hearts? that dolphins sleep with half of their brain at a time?). I’d love to chat about any of the above, and of course about anything that interests you. I’m also going to be serving as one of the Fellowships tutors and as Sophomore Advising Coordinator this year, so if you have questions about either of those things please get in touch. I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon and to a terrific year.