Zamyla Chan

Hi Currier!

My name is Zamyla and I am very excited to be joining the Currier community this year! I was born and raised in Vancouver,

Canada; I miss the West Coast all the time but am so happy to have found a home away from home at Harvard. As an undergraduate in Winthrop House, I concentrated in the S.B. Engineering Sciences track with a Secondary in Computer Science – suffice to say I

was all about that pset life! I am also the Walkthrough Lead for CS50. I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Chemistry, studying solar energy storage and metastable polymorphs for materials design. I’d love to chat about renewable energy, STEMinism, engineering,

and more! In my spare time I perform with a semi-pro bachata team and paint the town blue for Team Mystic. Looking forward to sharing meals with you, lovely conversations, dance time and more!